The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management was disestablished on 1 January, 2017.

Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences website can be found at

The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management (GPEM) draws renowned researchers, award-winning teachers, and enthusiastic students from around the globe.

We’re working on practical solutions for the big issues affecting physical environments: climate change, urbanisation, population growth, conservation, and natural resource management.

Experienced and emerging experts are attracted to the School’s vibrant academic environment. They benefit from first-class facilities and unique research locations. They are the experts decision-makers consult when shaping policy for governance, commerce, and industry.

Our integrated teams of physical and social scientists, environmental management specialists, health and safety experts and urban planners are generating new knowledge and opportunities for further discovery.

This multi-disciplinary approach distinguishes the School in the Australian context and boosts our international reputation for innovation.

It’s why demand for our graduates is strong.

The School of GPEM is integral to the Faculty of Science – The University of Queensland’s largest academic hub. We pursue collaborative partnerships within the Faculty, the University, and beyond to offer students and staff diverse learning experiences. 

We’re based at UQ’s beautiful urban St Lucia campus, with fieldwork locations at the Great Barrier Reef, in northern Australia, on islands along the Queensland coast, and in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia. Primary research underpins all School activities, informing what and how we teach undergraduate and postgraduate students.

It’s why our facilities include dedicated physical geography and marine labs, a purpose-built planning studio, a climate station and portable weather stations, computer labs equipped with specialised software, and a comprehensive suite of cutting edge scientific instrumentation.

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Last updated: Sep 21, 2015

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Equipment and Facilities

The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management is well resourced with a wide range of modern, well maintained field, lab and safety equipment.  Much of this equipment can be borrowed or used free of charge by our resea...

Vacancies at GPEM

Staff vacancies within the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management.
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