The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management was disestablished on 1 January, 2017.

Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences website can be found at


Academic Staff 


Head of School  
Aitchison, Jonathan Head of School, Professor 
Deputy Head of School  
Dargusch, Paul Associate Professor, Environmental Management


Bernard, Aude ARC DECRA Fellow, Human Geography
Charles-Edwards, Elin Lecturer, Human Geography
Cook, Margaret Senior Lecturer, Occupational Health and Safety Science, Ergonomics
Corcoran, Jonathan Professor, Geography, Human Geography
Croke, Jacky Principal Research Fellow/Assoc Professor, Geography
Darchen, Sébastien  Lecturer, Planning 
Dargusch, Paul Associate Professor, Environmental Management
Halog, Anthony  Lecturer, Environmental Management, Industrial Ecology, Circular Economy 
Johnson, Laurel Assoc Lecturer, Planning
Johnstone, Kelly Senior Lecturer, Occupational Health and Safety Science
Johnstone, Ron Assoc Professor, Environmental Management, Coastal Systems
Klein, Carissa UQ Research Fellow, Environmental Management
Lau, Annie Lecturer, Geography
Liu, Yan Senior Lecturer, Geography, Geographical Information Science
Madigan, Cassie Senior Lecturer, Occupational Health and Safety Science
Maron, Martine ARC Future Fellow, Associate Professor, Environmental Management
Mateo-Babiano, Derlie Senior Lecturer, Planning
McAlpine, Clive Professor, Environmental Management
McDonald-Madden, Eve ARC DECRA Fellow, Environmental Management
McGowan, Hamish Professor, Geography, Climatology
McGrath, Chris Senior Lecturer, Environmental Management, Environmental Regulation
McSweeney, Sarah Associate Lecturer, Geography
McNamara, Karen Senior Lecturer, Environmental Management, Development, Livelihoods
Moss, Patrick Assoc Professor, Geography, Physical Geography
Phinn, Stuart Professor, Geography, Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Monitoring, Data Sharing
Pojani, Dorina Lecturer, Planning
Pullar, David Senior Lecturer, Geography, GIS, Spatial Science
Rhodes, Jonathan Assoc Professor, Environmental Management
Roelfsema, Christiaan Research Fellow/Lecturer, Geography, Remote Sensing
Roitman, Sonia Lecturer, Planning, Development Planning
Rowe, Warren Professional Planner in Residence
Santini, Talitha Senior Lecturer, Environmental Management
Shulmeister, James Professor, Geography
Sigler, Thomas Lecturer, Geography, Urban and Economic Geography, Global Networks
Sipe, Neil Professor, Planning
Wadley, David  Senior Lecturer, Geography, Human Geography
Watson, James Principal Research Fellow/Assoc Professor, Environmental Management
Weeks, Scarla  Senior Lecturer, Geography, Biophysical Oceanography
Wei, Yongping ARC Future Fellow, Associate Professor, Environmental Management
Witt, Bradd  Lecturer, Environmental Management 
Zhou, Jiangping Lecturer, Urban Planning


Last updated: Dec 1, 2016

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