The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management was disestablished on 1 January, 2017.

Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences website can be found at

Last updated: Jun 11, 2015

GPEM Alumni and Industry Newsletter section

2011 Prize Ceremony

UQ's School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management celebrated the outstanding achievements of its students at its annual Prize Ceremony recently. “The awards are generously donated by industry, peak bodies and some of our ...

2015 ERA Rankings

The 2015 ERA results were released on Friday 4 December 2015 and relate to research undertaken between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2013. The fields related UQ's School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management are listed below....

A green approach to business

“The opportunity to complete an Industrial Placement and also the honours research I undertook during my final year was a valuable and enjoyable experience that gave me the focus needed to pursue a career in business sustainability”.

A Summer of Change: Adapting to Climate Change

In 2009, UQ hosted the Universitas 21 summer school which focused on climate change adaptation. A far cry from the stereotypical student layabouts, these individuals from Universities across the world have since embarked on finding solutions to...

AMOS SEQ Weather Forum

The climate is changing and the question is “what’s around the corner”? What do emerging weather and ocean trends mean for landuse, environmental management and planning in South East Queensland?

Are biodiversity offsets ignoring restoration reality?

Biodiversity offsetting is a one of the fastest-growing conservation policy approaches globally.  The idea is that losses of biodiversity at an impact site are compensated for by the generation of ecologically equivalent gains elsewhe...

Artificial boundaries and conservation management planning

Opinion piece by PhD student Brandy Ream Conservation management is the idea that we can manage a specie or species and mitigate such things as habitat lo...

Assoc Prof Clive McAlpine Extols the Virtues of the New Koala Listing on ABC TV

On 30th April the Environment Minister, Tony Burke, listed the koala as Vulnerable. This was the first time ever that a listing has been regionally dependent, with koalas in Queensland, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territor...

Best and brightest receive awards

UQ's School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management produces students that go on to lead major initiatives to better manage our natural and built environments. Each year a number of prizes are awarded to the most outstanding of...

Big roads no transport: Community mapping for transport improvements


Careers in Geography, Planning and Environmental Management Day

On 20 July,students from over twenty high schools gathered at The University of Queensland to discover how careers in geography can help tackle the big issues facing our world. Over three hundred geography students participated in the annual...

Climate patterns and their influence on the Great Barrier Reef

By Ana Redondo-Rodriguez Biophysical Oceanography Group,School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management

COP16: Insights and Project Opportunities

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP16) started with low expectations, a strong security presence and media eager to capture heated protests but it had clear objectives to make si...

Counting Bodies On The Beach

While physical geographers might be pre-occupied with wave action and sediment loads, human geographers from The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management take more interest in what happens on top of the beach.

CSIRO Coastal Research Webportal

CSIRO has developed the Coastal Research webportal as a ‘one stop shop’ to provide information on past and present coastal research conducted in Australia. Officially launched in March at the Australian Coastal Research Forum i...

Deforestation in an African Hotspot: Extent, Variation, and the Effectiveness of Protected Areas

  Friday 26thOctober, 12pm Room 320, Steele Building, St. Lucia Campus   The Eastern Arc Mountains (EAM) of Tanzania show exceptional endemism that is threatened by high anthropogenic pressure leading to...

Elephant breeding program begins in Laos

By PhD candidate Ingrid Suter I have been working alongside International Non-Government Organisation

Energy White Paper plans to burn it all

"The Energy White Paper is based on a plan to dig up and sell all of Australia's coal, coal seam gas and other fossil fuels over the next century," says Dr McGrath, in his November 9 article for The Conversation.

Ergon Energy helps UQ study weather

BANYO Workshop recently helped the University of Queensland (UQ) put the finishing touches on its state-of-the-art mobile weather research station. The School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management (GPEM) designed and...

Flooding, Could It Happen Again?

GPEM Grant Success Stories!

GPEM Grants, Awards and Prizes

 Renouf MA, and Allsopp PA (BSES). Streamlined LCA tool for assessing progressive cane growing. Funded by Sugar Research and Development (SRDC) Grant. $130,000   ...

GPEM Publications

October 2014 Newsletter  Amos M, Baxter G, Finch N & Murray P (in press)

GPEM Student Receives Grant

Melissa Bruton's work has been recognised by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland's with a recent grant

GPEM Twitter

The twitter account @UQ_GPEM represents The University of Queensland School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management. Re-tweets and follows are not endorsements. This account is monitored between 9am - 4pm, Monday - Friday...

Identifying Past from Present Drivers of Landscape Genetic Structure: Giant Salamanders in North America

Distinguishing past from present effects on species’ movement is important for assessing human versus natural impacts on population connectivity,  and allows for conservation management actions to be better validated. A recent stu...

Inala Revisited- Unpacking Social Disadvantage

You might also like - All a Twitter for Planning Participation Brisbane, like other cities, is a city of spatial prejudices. Location on the hills ...

Industrial precinct design in AutoCad and Revit Architecture

Is planning sufficient to control sex premises?

By Associate Professor Glen Searle based on a World Planning Schools Congr...

Keeble Alumni Reunion

A reunion of planning alumni was held on August 26 to celebrate the life of Professor Lewis Keeble and 40 years of planning at UQ. Lewis Keeble was the first Professor of Regional and Town Planning at the University of Queensland and his i...

LEC Group student wins GPEM’s 3-minute thesis competition

Congratulations to Danielle Nilsson who won this year’s School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management 3-minute thesis competition. Danielle is undertaking a PhD on orangutans in the Landscape Ecology and Conservation Group a...

New book on coral reef remote sensing makes a splash

CORAL REEF REMOTE SENSING: A Guide for Mapping, Monitoring and Management. Springer Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing Series. Goodman, J. , Purkis, S and Phinn, S. (2012)   This ground breaking book explains ...

New study in to understanding how people view environmental issues

Understanding Psychological and Social Barriers and Promoters to Effective NRM and Conservation Strategies The relationship between people and the natural environment is having a growing importance for the development of m...

NOAA research labs USA, the right atmosphere for UQ Student

Michael Hewson, a PhD student from The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management at UQ is investigating how pollution in the atmosphere may inhibit rainfall. Since January he has been based in Boulder, Colorado at the Nati...

Online Resources to Start 2012

CSIRO Journals With journals on Wildlife, Marine and Freshwater, Exploration Geophysics and more.CSIRO journals present the l...

Oops Did It Again

OOPS Industry Night On the 16th of September The Organisation of Planning Studnets (OOPS) held their 4th Industry night. The night was endorsed by many big names in the planning industry with Brisban...

Out In Africa

Ian Hustwick, a Master of Environmental Management student at the University of Queensland has been awarded a prestigious internship with Save the Elephants in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.  Each year only 4 intern positions are made...

Overseas students are staying in Australia after their studies and are settling in major cities.

Jonathan Corcoran and Francisco Rowe from the Queensland Centre for Population Research in the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management are investigating the impact of Overseas Student mobility on the Australian economy. ...

Participatory GIS for Mapping Social Ecological Systems, Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Conservation, & Land Use Conflict

A/Prof Greg Brown

PHD Profiles

The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management has recently awarded the following candidates with a PhD   

PIA Conference Awards

The annual PIA Awards Ceremony was held on Friday November 12th in the Hyatt Coolum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Graduate's of The School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management at UQ stood out from...

Planning for Diversity

“I am very keen to assist in raising the profile of social planning issues”

Regional planning in an era of change

UQ's School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management in conjunction with Griffith's Urban Research Program presents Professor Emeritus Louis Albrechts University of...

Regulating The Boom - Extractive industries and emerging geographies of resource governance in Latin America

Remote Sensing of Coral Reef and Seagrass Environments

Wednesday, 3 October 2012 12-1pm  Chris Roelfsema, UQ  Building 3, Room 320, University of Queensland St Lucia Campus  Abstract This presentation demonstrates ...

Replacing lost environments - a devil's pact?

With up to a billion hectares of wilderness likely to be cleared to feed the world in the coming half century and an area the size of China devoured by cities, leading environmental scientists are urging caution over the extent to which lost ecosy...

Resources for 2013 Careers in Geography, Planning and Environmental Management Day

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Resources for the Geography, Planning and Environmental Management Day 2012

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Rethinking density in West End

Planning for a more sustainable Brisbane sees higher density development as the main solution.  Existing residents can see this as threatening their suburb with extra traffic and loss of street parking, overlooking of back yards, and less green...

Rising Seas and Coastal Communities

GPEM's Stuart Phinn & Tiffany Morrison are working with a team in UQ’s Global Change Institute to investigate the impact of sea level rises on the Australian coast, coastal islands and their communities. With 75% of Australia&rsq...

School Review Stakeholder Meeting

SEMAT real-time data

The SEMAT system is on trial deployment within Heron Island Lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef. Real-time data can now be viewed

Seminar: Why Melbourne has overtaken Sydney in the 21st century

Tuesday 30 April 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Seminar: Bugheads and Watersheds and Sediment-covered Lakebeds

Tuesday 28 May 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Seminar: Indigenous place and identity in urban areas of Brisbane

Tuesday 07 May 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Seminar: Influences on children's travel behaviour

Seminar: Measuring Population Dynamics on the St Lucia Campus

Tuesday 16 April 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Seminar: Park Governance: Comparing Parastatal and Privatized Models

Tuesday 26 March 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Seminar: Understanding the service and value of catchment and coastal ecosystems

Wednesday, 20th March 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Seminar: Visualisation of Bayesian Approaches in Geography

Tuesday 09 April 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Striking a balance: A changing urban ecosystem and rigid governance

By PhD candidate Missaka Hettiarachchi My research looks at the links between policy evolution and ecological changes in Colombo wetlands in recent times. ...

Students Building a Better Brisbane

With Brisbane’s growth rivalling that of Sydney and Melbourne four UQ students have come up with a strategy to help the city make its debut on the world stage.   Masters of Urban and Regional Planning students Isabel Ceron ...

Studying Asian Elephants

Ingrid Suture, a PhD student in The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management, has made it her mission to assist in the protection of the endangered Asian Elephant. After graduating from the University of Queensland with a B...

The benefits and shortfalls of systematic conservation planning

The benefits and shortfalls of systematic conservation planning Wednesday 24 October, 1 - 2pm Dr Morena Mills (UQ) Room 320, University of Queensland St Lucia Campus BIO   Morena is currentl...

The Society for Conservation Biology’s newest Chapter launches out of UQ

The Society for Conservation Biology’s newest Chapter launches out of UQ Growing concern about the worsening state of earth’s biodiversity has motivated a group of UQ students and staff to come ...

Tracking Water

A new water resource mapping project is providing valuable data on where and how water is entering into the headwater catchments of the Murray River, Mt Kosciuszko National Park. Associate Professor Hamish McGowan and Dr Nik Callow, from t...

Two perspectives on the politics of climate change in Australia

Date Thursday 16 August, 2012 Time 12noon-1:00pm Room Room 442 Location GPN3 (Building 39a) A joint presentation with Dr Kelly Fielding and Dr Rod McCre...

Up close and personal with snakes

A death adder has a face only a mother could love, but that hasn’t stopped UQ Geography, Planning and Environmental Management PhD student Melissa Bruton from getting up close and personal. Melissa was awarded a grant by the Wildlife...

UQ scholarship winner to help sustain fish habitats in southern Qld

UQ student, Kate Fraser, is helping to ensure the sustainability of fish species in southern Queensland thanks to a Queensland Government scholarship with the University of Queensland (UQ). Kate, a Marine Studies Honours student in the Sch...

Visiting Academic in Planning - Prof Mike Hibbard

Professor Mike Hibbard form the University of Oregon Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management to visit UQ in 2011

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