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Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Working in a diverse range of environments and interacting with a large number of clients is what Whitney Evans enjoys about her career in Occupational Health and Safety Science.

She works as a Health, Safety and Environment Consultant for Prensa Pty Ltd in Milton, Brisbane.

“My job involves providing expert advice on a range of occupational health and safety topics to many different clients,” she said.

“I visit workplaces to address specific health and safety concerns and develop technical reports for clients.

“In this role I have completed projects such as indoor air quality assessments, occupational hygiene sampling and property risk audits.

“What I enjoy most is working with clients to achieve positive occupational health and safety outcomes.”

Whitney completed a Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety Science (Honours) at The University of Queensland.

“The UQ degree was one of a kind and offered the best outcome when I was considering where to study,” she said.

“I always wanted a career that involved working with people and making a difference.”

“A career in OHS involves these aspects as well as the opportunity to work in many diverse workplaces in a range of different environments.

“My degree provided me with a fundamental understanding of the concepts surrounding occupational health and safety and how these can be applied in different industries.”

As part of her degree, Whitney studied science, anatomy, business, engineering and psychology to understand the diverse aspects of occupational health and safety.

“The broad field of studies covered in the program has set me up to address many different workplace scenarios that I may come across throughout my career as an OHS professional,” she said.

Last updated: Jun 2, 2015