The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management was disestablished on 1 January, 2017.

Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Daniel Delbridge
Daniel Delbridge

Daniel Delbridge facilitates complex project decision making by using his geography degree to bridge information across engineering, construction, and the environment. 

He currently works as a GIS Operator/Field Engineering with Saipem Australia, an Italian oil and gas industry contractor, on the design, construction and pre-commissioning of the Santos GLNG Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.
“I thoroughly enjoy the dynamics of my job and the various encounters that a challenging, large-scale major linear infrastructure project such as this presents every day,” Daniel said.
“My GIS role on this Project has evolved from the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) to Field Engineering and Construction on-site, and now to Pre-Commissioning .
“One of my main objectives has been to use Geographic Information Systems with Computer-Aided Design platforms to consolidate data sets and make them interoperable for activities across our scope of the project.”
Daniel studied a Bachelor of Arts at UQ with majors in Architecture, Geographical Science and Music.
With further studies in Built Environment he then worked for many years with private companies that specialise in multi-discipline land development consultancy.
“With my cross disciplinary studies, I gained a unique perspective on my education and what I wanted to do to shape my career,” Daniel said.
“I learned that the application of knowledge is strengthened by diversity in study.”
“My studies at UQ allowed me to have a focused, yet open-minded approach which has led to remarkable professional opportunities now in Engineering and Construction, where I continue to learn and innovate, and ultimately make a difference because of what I can achieve with my colleagues.”
“Academic life is meant to be challenging, inspiring and satisfying, and my studies at UQ provided all that and more.”

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