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Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Ellie Smith went from student to associate producer on an environmental film.
Ellie Smith went from student to associate producer on an environmental film.

Bimblebox, a documentary about coal and coal seam gas (CSG) expansion in Australia and its impacts on communities, was released earlier this year with UQ graduate, Ellie Smith, as the associate producer.

Ms Smith’s role has her travelling all over Australia talking to people interested in helping get the message of the film out to their communities through public screenings.
“As Associate Producer I did most of the work the Director, Mike O’Connell, couldn’t find time to do. I dealt with all the licencing issues and now I’m spearheading promotion and distribution of the film,” Ms Smith said.
Ellie’s concern with the impacts of mining on the environment began while she was studying a bachelor of environmental management at UQ.
“I began to realise what a threat climate change poses and that Queensland’s coal industry is our biggest contributor to this,” she said.
“As I learnt more about the coal industry the local environmental, the health and economic impacts of the industry became more and more apparent”.
Ms Smith decided to study at UQ because of its holistic approach to environmental management, but it was her extra-curricular activities that provided her with opportunities to effect social change.
“I was very lucky to get involved in student initiatives such as Environment Collective and Oxfam UQ . This led me to attend the Students of Sustainability conference in 2004 and to help organise the conference in Brisbane in 2006,” she said.
“I was able to get the most out of my degree by getting involved with student organisations and mixing with students from other faculties and taking a wide variety of electives. It really does help to understand different perspectives”. 
Ms Smith is passionate about the impacts of mining on local communities and the environment in Queensland and plans to continue to use her skills to ensure that these activities are conducted in a responsible manner.
“I look forward to a time when development of our resources happens with utmost concern for people and the planet rather than profit,” she said.

Last updated: Sep 17, 2012