The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management was disestablished on 1 January, 2017.

Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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After graduating Melanie went on to work for The Port of Brisbane Corporation.
After graduating Melanie went on to work for The Port of Brisbane Corporation.

Melanie Dixon loves the dynamic nature of her job as a Technical Officer-Planning and Environment at the Port of Brisbane Corporation. The diversity of environmental tasks, work sites and people that she has the opportunity to work with every day, means she is constantly challenged and on the go. 

“My job requires me to review and provide advice on management plans as well as undertake inspections of construction sites on port lands; manage environmental projects such as installation of nesting boxes for wildlife; provide internal and external presentations plus much more.”
Melanie also assists other members of the Environment Team in implementing and continually improving the Environmental Management System at the Port of Brisbane Corporation.
After moving to Brisbane from after living in New Zealand for a year, Melanie graduated with first class honours in the Bachelor of Environmental Management (Sustainable Development). Melanie transferred credit from her first year in NZ across to UQ when she thought there would be more career opportunities post graduation. Melanie proved an oustanding student, gaining the Deans Certificate of Achievement in 2005, 2006 and 2007!

“The grandeur of the old buildings, the sheer size of the campus and the wide range of facilities available made me sure I had made the right choice.

The University of Queensland has a very strong curriculum.  I got a world-class grounding in a degree offering a wide range of core and elective subjects. The fact that I made lifelong friends is an added bonus!
Being given an understanding of the variety of environmental issues and management techniques, as well as the sustainability issues facing employers meant that I went into the workplace well-equipped to provide advice and guidance to industry and government on key issues.”

The field trips and work placement also allowed some ‘real world’ experience graduating and I call on the communication skills I developed at UQ- both written and oral- every day now, whether I am presenting to school groups, industry experts or government.”

Melanie did not walk a traditional path to University. She preferred, instead, to try her hand in a wide range of work experiences first and these provided her with valuable transferrable skills. It was her on-going commitment to the environment and the outdoors in each role that led her to Environmental Management.
“I still get outdoors in my current role undertaking environmental inspections of our construction sites at the port and further afield to Morningside, Manly and Scarborough.”
Melanie aims to undertake a Masters in Environmental Management to help her grow her knowledge in this burgeoning field but her advice to students at high school is: “Be willing to try a range of employment and study opportunities because you cannot be sure which you will enjoy most. Get work/volunteer experience, in any position, as soon as you can as the skills you learn, whatever they are, will provide you with a great head start.”

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