The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management was disestablished on 1 January, 2017.

Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences website can be found at

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            » Australia's coastal wetlands 'need room to move'
            » Are biodiversity offsets ignoring restoration reality?
            » Assoc Prof Clive McAlpine Extols the Virtues of the New Koala Listing on ABC TV
            » Honourable mention for student presentation
            » Honours student receives University Medal
            » Identifying Past from Present Drivers of Landscape Genetic Structure: Giant Salamanders in North America
            » LEC Group student wins GPEM’s 3-minute thesis competition
            » LEC students win GPEM Research Showcase competition
            » Mines 'May be judged by Koalas'
            » New partnership supports LEC koala research
            » Study links climate with habitat loss impacts on biodiversity
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            » A Potential 100,000 Year Environmental Record from Mountain Lagoon, Blue Mountains, NSW
            » A Review of Public Transport Fare Structure and Its Impact on Equity and Ridership, with Reference to SEQ Public Transport Fare Policies
            » Accessing Public Transport Through Park-and-Ride in Brisbane: Evidence from Go Card Data
            » Applying Systems Analysis and Modelling for Urban Metabolism of Brisbane
            » Australian Cities in the Global Economy
            » Circular Economy Modelling for Islands Sustainability
            » Circular Economy Paradigm: An Innovative Approach for Transforming Mining and Mineral Resource Sector
            » Cluster Theory and Creative Industries in the Main Australian Cities (Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide)
            » Cracking Up: Structure Development During Desiccation of Tailings
            » Ecosystem and Fire Management for the Great Sandy Strait Region Based on Analysis of Palaeo-records.
            » Environmental Accounting Framework Using Externality Data and Input-Output Tools for Policy Analysis
            » Environmental Assessment and Risk Analysis of Livestock Production Systems
            » Evaluating Public Transport Route Usage Using Go Card Data: The Case UQ St Lucia Campus
            » High Resolution Palynological Analysis of Last Glacial Maximum to Present Sediment Records from North Stradbroke Island
            » How Does SEQ’s Public Transport Fare Policies Impact on Commuters’ Travel Behaviour? Evidence From the Go Card Data
            » Impacts of Biochar on Chemical, Physical, and Microbiological Properties of Alumina Refining Tailings
            » Implementation of a Multi Agent System to Simulate the Australian Agricultural Sector
            » Integrated Sustainability Analysis
            » Investigating Soil-Landscape Relationships in the Main Range National Park, South-East Queensland
            » Late Quaternary Environments of the Nerang River, Gold Coast
            » Life Cycle Assessment of Diets
            » Life Cycle Human Health Impact Modelling
            » Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis of Deploying Wind Energy Technology
            » Microbial Diversity in Mineral Processing Plants
            » Potential Impacts and Benefits in Recycling Metals from Used Mobile Phones
            » Pulse or Drip? Irrigation Intensity in Leaching Salts from Mine Wastes
            » Quantifying CO2 Exchange Over Coastal Lakes, North Stradbroke Island
            » Resource Efficient Planning and Design of Brisbane City Airport
            » Social Life Cycle Assessment and its Application to the Tourism Industry in Australia
            » Soda Lakes as Natural Analogues for Alkaline, Saline Tailings and Mine Wastes: Comparison of Microbial Communities
            » Sustainable Urban Food Systems
            » Tactical Urbanism in Brisbane: Challenges and Opportunities
            » The Economics of Commuting: A Simulated Approach Under Different Transport Fare Policies
            » Towards Sustainable Industrial Development: Development of a Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Model for Scaling Up Emerging Materials and Energy Technologies
            » Tracking Brisbane’s Air Pollution Using Satellite Flown Sensors
            » Transit Oriented Development in the Brisbane Context
            » Verification of Mobile Dual Polarimetric Radar Observations for Thunderstorms
            » Visualising Commuters’ Travel Patterns Using Go Card Data
      » UQ Earth and Environment Day
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            » de VRIES, Sarah
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            » GOULDING, William
            » GOW, Laura
            » GRANT, Paula
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            » GREAVES, Amanda
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            » HAYES, Samantha
            » HE, Lulu
            » HENSLEY, Melissa
            » HILDER, Jason
            » HO, Wesley
            » HOQUE, Muhammad
            » HOWELL, Steven
            » HUMPHREYS, Jeff
            » ILMAN, Muhammad
            » ISMAIL, Farrah Zuhaira
            » JOHNSON, Laurel
            » JONES, Kendall
            » K.C., Kiran
            » KACHOVICH, Sarah
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            » KEARNEY, Stephen
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            » LU, Tianchu
            » LUCAS, Paul
            » MACKENZIE, Lydia
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            » NARANPANAWA, Niromi
            » NAVARRO, Javi
            » NEGRET TORRES, Pablo Jose
            » NEGUS, Peter
            » NEILSEN, Vanessa
            » NGUYEN HUU, Hoang
            » NIU, Chunyue
            » O'BRYAN, Christopher
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            » PAGOTTO, Murilo
            » PANJAITAN, Tigor
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            » ROBERTSON, Chris
            » ROCHECOUSTE, Jean-Francois
            » ROMERO de DIEGO, Cristina
            » ROUX, Estelle
            » RUNTING, Rebecca
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            » STEWART, Philip
            » STOJANOVIC, Denis
            » STONE, Zoe
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            » SULLIVAN, Greg
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            » TANNER-McALLISTER, Sherri
            » TAYLOR, Ron
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            » TU, Yu-Hsuan
            » UBA de ANDRADE, Milton
            » VILLARREAL ROSAS, Jaramar
            » VU, Hong Le
            » WAHYUDI, Agung
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            » WU, Huiying
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            » YU, Olivia
            » ZENKTELER, Matthew
            » ZHANG, Min
            » ZOLKAFLI, Amirulikhsan
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            » ABDUL AZIZ, Dr Ammar
            » ALNASIRI, Noura Khalifa
            » BOKHARI, Ali
            » BURGESS, Emma
            » CARRETERO-PINZON, Xyomara
            » CHANG, Jie (Christine)
            » CUEVAS, Sining
            » DAHAL, Bhagawan
            » DEVI, Sadrah
            » DOHONG, Alue
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            » GANIS, Mary
            » HANINGTON, Peter
            » JARIHANI, Abdollah
            » MAYFIELD, Helen
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            » NILSSON, Danielle
            » O'NEILL, Michael
            » PLANT, Lyndal
            » REICHSTETTER, Martina
            » ROWE GONZALEZ, Dr Francisco
            » SAFRA de CAMPOS, Ricardo
            » SALAZAR, Alvaro
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            » TERBLANCHE, Wilma
            » THOMAS, Dr Sebastian (Seth)
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                              » Where can I find job opportunities related to my degree?
                              » Where can I find information about volunteering opportunities?
                              » Where have past GPEM students found employment?
                        » Getting Around Brisbane
                              » Do I need to obtain an Australian Driver’s Licence when driving a car in Queensland?
                              » Where can I find bus, train or ferry timetables?
                              » What is a 'go card' and how do I use this on trains, buses and ferries?
                              » What services are in place for bicycle travel?
                              » If I finish classes at night, how can I get home safely?
                        » Life on Campus
                              » Are there any student clubs or societies I can join?
                              » Are there other ways I can make new friends and meet other students?
                              » Where can I find places to eat at UQ?
                              » English is my second language, are there any activities in place to help me practice my language skills?
                              » Is there a gym on campus?
                              » What kind of sports can I play at UQ St Lucia?
                              » What other events or entertainment venues are available on campus?
                        » Living in Brisbane
                              » How do I find accommodation in Brisbane?
                              » Where can I live that's close to UQ St Lucia?
                              » How do I arrange internet access?
                              » How do I find child care while I am attending university?
                              » How can I enrol my children into school?
                        » Navigating Around UQ
                              » What is the best way to navigate around the St. Lucia campus?
                              » Where is the Student Services office located?
                              » Where is the Student Centre?
                              » Where is the GPEM student administration office?
                              » Where are the computer labs located?
                        » Studying and Exams
                              » Who do I contact for academic advice?
                              » What are the important study dates?
                              » English is my second language, are there any activities in place to help me practice my language skills?
                              » I have a disability. Where can I find support?
                              » How can I improve my note-taking ability?
                              » How can I manage my reading load effectively?
                              » How do I best prepare for exams?
                              » How do I book study rooms, multimedia viewing rooms and lockable desks at UQ?
                        » UQ Libraries
                              » Where are the UQ libraries located?
                              » What are the library opening hours?
                              » When are library tours held?
                              » When are library workshops held?
                              » How do I locate journals and electronic information at the library?
                              » How do I use the library website including the catalogue?
                              » How do I print at the library?
      » Equipment & Facilities
            » GPEM Building Access
      » OH&S & Student Services
» Staff Intranet
» Study Guides, Handbooks & Forms
      » Program Handbooks & Study Plans
            » General Information
                  » Academic Integrity Online Tutorial
                  » Application and Enrolment
                  » Assessment
                  » Australian Government Scholarships
                  » Compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
                  » English Proficiency Requirements
                  » Extension for Submission of Assessment
                  » Fees & Additional Administrative Charges
                  » International Students
                  » Living Expenses and Accommodation
                  » Timetables
      » Research/Fieldwork Forms & Guides
      » Referencing & Assessment
      » Honours Forms & Guides
      » PhD and MPhil Forms & Handbooks
            » RHD Resources: Handbooks, forms and documents
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