The School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management was disestablished on 1 January, 2017.

Following a review, the school was merged with the School of Earth Sciences to create the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences website can be found at

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School of GPEM

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  • Renata works in the Lacandon Jungle in the south-east Mexican state of Chiapas.

    Maria Renata Cao de la Fuente

    Responsible for the activities in more than 600,000 hectares of tropical rainforest in Mexico, Renata is currently working in her dream job.

  • Chris Isles

    Chris Isles

    “There is nothing better than driving around Brisbane and being able to point at the projects that you gained approval for, or seeing projects being built where you drafted the planning document that has facilitated that growth."

  • Michael Holmes

    As the Health and Safety Officer for Brisbane Motorway Services, Michael Holmes’ role is about keeping Leighton Contractors and Lend Lease staff safe at work.

  • Whitney Evans

    Working in a diverse range of environments and interacting with a large number of clients is what Whitney Evans enjoys about her career in Occupational Health and Safety Science.

  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith’s enthusiasm for maps has seen him plot a career in cartography with the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources & Mines. Matt joined the Department after graduating from a Ba...

  • Comila Roebuck

    Comila Roebuck

    Ensuring the sustainable development of large scale projects is all in a day’s work for Master of Environmental Management graduate Comila Roebuck.

  • Alyce Frew

    Alyce Frew

    Using her studies in Commerce, Psychology and Environmental Management, Optimisation and Improvement Specialist Alyce Frew is helping an Australian energy company achieve sustainable growth.

  • Daniel Delbridge

    Daniel Delbridge

    Daniel Delbridge facilitates complex project decision making by using his geography degree to bridge information across engineering, construction, and the environment.

  • Paul Broad is Managing Director of Broad Property Research & Advisory Pty Ltd, based in Brisbane.

    Paul Broad

    Completing a Master of Urban and Regional Planning at UQ was instrumental in assisting Paul Broad to launch his own consultancy offering property research and advice to residential developers.

  • Romain Mari

    A love of environment creates a successful business venture

  • Heidi Duncan was the valedictorian at her December 2013 graduation.

    Heidi Duncan

    Overseas study, vibrant student networks and a beautiful campus provided a winning combination for Heidi Duncan during her Regional and Town Planning studies at UQ.

  • Cole Gainer works for Make It Right Foundation New Orleans

    Cole Gainer

    Experiencing hurricanes in New Orleans and mudslides in Machu Picchu inspired Cole Gainer’s career in environmental management.

  • Nicholas Nalder

    Planning for the people and contributing to the creation of spaces is what Nicholas Nalder enjoys most about his role as a Transport Planner.

  • Trevor used his Master of Urban and Regional Planning as the basis for a career in international development.

    Trevor Kanaley

    “Careers are not always a straight line where you study to be a planner, get a job as a planner, progress to more senior planning roles and finally retire. A planning degree can be a foundation to a wide range of careers."

  • Camille enjoys conducting fieldwork in environmental management.

    Camille Percival

    Camille Percival’s Bachelor of Environmental Management provided her with many great experiences – including spotting an elusive Lumholtz tree kangaroo – and led her to a rewarding career in environmental protection.

  • Geography graduate Andy Stewart has found his place in the world pioneering ways to use spatial information.

    Andy Stewart

    “The research opportunities at UQ are top notch. Why settle for the real world when you can go a step further and change it for the better”.

  • Mr Tung Phan is using his Masters in Environmental Management to advise the Vietnamese Government on Planning projects.

    Tung Phan

    “My Master of Environmental Management helped me to develop my skills and increase my employability.”

  • Sophie’s passion has always been marine conservation, which now sees her developing Cambodia’s first effectively managed Marine Protected Area.

    Sophie Clay

    The role sees Sophie liaising with several significant government departments and clients.

  • Angela currently works as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) officer with CNC Project Management in Kangaroo Point.

    Angela Marsh

    Angela’s current role with CNC is varied and finds her working with spatial data, managing data collection in the field, training non-GIS staff in data capture and providing mapping for various clients.

  • Rebecca Batton undertook postgraduate studies in Environmental Management to hone her skills as a Fisheries Scientist.

    Rebecca Batton

    “UQ offered courses that were relevant to my work, so I could study through a workplace program,” Ms Batton said.

  • Kate’s dedication to the Planning profession started early in her career.

    Kate Isles

    “The value of planning, and the role it can play in improving resilience in our communities is something that I am very passionate about.”

  • Mr Ajmal worked as an Institutional Development Specialist in the USAID funded Assessment and Strengthening Program

     Muhammad Ajmal

    “The best part about my study was that it enhanced my desire to bring about positive change in the community, government, local and global environments"

  • Ms Rubia-Tutay is the Director for Planning Service in the Philippines

    Dominique ‘Nikki’ Rubia-Tutay

    She is implementing programs to encourage inclusive growth and poverty reduction in the Philippines, using the skills she learnt in her Development Practice (Development Planning) program at UQ.

  • Andrew chose to study Environmental Management so he could make a difference

    Andrew Wilson

    "I get to do lots of travel. I spent seven weeks in Africa through my job with Ensight on a Rio Tinto mine site as part of a project to develop an energy strategy for them"

  • “I am in charge of researching environmental issues surrounding energy development in Vietnam,"

    Nam Hoai Nguyen

    After receiving his Master of Environmental Management in 2011, UQ graduate Nam Hoai Nguyen returned home to begin working on a sustainable energy vision for Vietnam

  • Aya Mizumura is now working for international NGO The Nature Conservancy

    Aya Mizumura

    "My degree from UQ prepared me with the knowledge and problem solving skills to deal with various global environmental and conservation issues"

  • Elin is now a lecturer in Human Geography with GPEM

    Dr Elin Charles-Edwards

    I wanted to study at UQ because the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management is host to world-leading researchers in the field of migration and human spatial mobility.

  • Ellie Smith went from student to associate producer on an environmental film.

    Ellie Smith

    “I look forward to a time when development of our resources happens with utmost concern for people and the planet rather than profit"

  • Chiara Wood provides advice to the Minister, Director-General and other departments on planning and development law.

    Chiara Wood

    "I work in the planning law team of the Legal Services division and my BRTP definitely helped me in getting this job, as a good understanding of the planning system is required"

  • While studying Jorge had the opportunity to participate in The UN Convention on Climate Change. He now works for a Brisbane Environmental consultancy.

    Jorge Acevedo

    "I chose the University of Queensland because it offered the best courses in carbon management and sustainability business practice"

  • Chris moved to Australia to study the Master of GIS program and is now working on a project to assess the risk of climate change variations on key assets.

    Chris Maddox

    "Studying at UQ gave Chris the opportunity to develop contacts with researchers and respected peers in industry that in turn led to a range of jobs"

  • Jasmin landed a position with UDIA after completing 3 research projects for them during her industrial placement as part of her degree.

    Jasmin Lightbody

    "I’m able to influence real outcomes on the ground, helping to create a more sustainable urban environment"

  • Guy Gibson was one of UQ’s earliest Planning program graduates, now he is helping to shape the profession

    Guy Gibson

    "One of the features of the UQ program was the exposure that students received to other fields of study and lecturers from other departments: everything from surveying and soil science to sociology and law"

  • International student Isabel Ceron has doubled her career prospects by obtaining two Master degrees from UQ.

    Isabel Ceron Castano

    [UQ] is huge, academically prestigious and research-hungry, which is all you aim for when deciding where to do your postgraduate studies

  • Michael has helped implement a program of assessing the rebuilding of housing after the 2011 floods & cyclones in Queensland.

    Michael Kraus

    "Coming out of UQ with hundreds of hours of hands-on use of industry standard GIS technology, backed by the theory provided in the lectures had me job ready"

  • Mr Boughey works as an Assistant Director in the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


    "I plan to continue my work on interesting and challenging topics that help make our world a better and more ecologically sustainable place."

  • After his Masters of Environmental Management Randall secured a place in the Centre for Sustainability Leadership Fellowship Program

    Randall Williams

    “Drawing on the formal knowledge I gained from my recent studies at UQ, I can share, develop and apply solutions to sustainability problems through my growing network"

  • Kristine Dewar designs and delivers innovative carbon management and sustainability services

    A green approach to business

    “The opportunity to complete an Industrial Placement and also the honours research I undertook during my final year was a valuable and enjoyable experience that gave me the focus needed to pursue a career in business sustainability”.

  • Stephanie Wyeth has pioneered social sustainability and community diversity in urban and regional planning policy and practice.

    Planning for Diversity

    “I am very keen to assist in raising the profile of social planning issues”

  • Sophie Lam completed her Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning Degree in 2010. She now works for Ken Ryan & Associates in Toowong.

    Sophie Lam

    “I think that having a UQ degree really gives you an edge in the job market"

  • Ralf is the Director of his own company, Spatial Ventures and is engaged in projects in Afghanistan and New Caledonia.

    Ralf D Schroers

    "Sound theoretical background & practical work during my study helped me to be firm in developing concepts, methods and applications that are crucial for my daily work”

  • Sarah studied Geographical Sciences at UQ. Her work protects Australia’s wildlife and its habitat.

    Sarah Forsyth

    The diversity of Sarah’s work means that she is constantly on the go.

  • Nicholas is a former UQ Bachelor of Science (Geographical Science) student who went on to work for CSIRO

    Nick Webb

    “As an undergraduate student I studied in the fields of both Geographical Science and Earth Science. I enjoyed the variety of courses that I could select from that suited my interests within these fields"

  • After graduating Melanie went on to work for The Port of Brisbane Corporation.

    Melanie Dixon

    "Being given an understanding of the variety of environmental issues and management techniques,.... meant that I went into the workplace well-equipped to provide advice and guidance to industry and government on key issues”

  • In the future I plan to continue my studies with a PHD in conservation planning at UQ. It was because of my Masters that I finally found an area which I have passion to work in.

    Gustavo Andrade

    "I received one of the best quality educations in Australia, and consequently it is helping me to achieve my professional goals in my environmental career"

  • 2010 Master of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Theresa Fullerton hopes to help create a sustainable future

    Theresa Fullerton

    "I was provided with two very rewarding professional experiences during my time at UQ..."

  • Saravanan studied at UQ, examining the socio-political process behind water management from an institutional perspective.

    Dr Saravanan Subramanian

    Dr Subramanian is a Senior Research Fellow within the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) in the University of Bonn, Germany, one of Europe’s leading institutions in development research.

  • Dr Joanne Nightingale

    “There aren’t nearly enough young scientists in this research area, especially women. UQ is one of the leading Universities in this field and offers a full spectrum of geographical science courses.”

  • Masters of Environmental Management graduate Miguel Molina moved from Mexico to study at UQ

    UQ Graduate Comes Out On Top

    The Environmental Management Master´s program offered me the possibility to cater my course options depending on my interests and needs as an international full-time student

  • Masters of Environmental Management graduate Miguel Molina moved from Mexico to study at UQ

    Miguel Angel Alvarado Molina

    "Choosing UQ was a matter of deciding where I would receive a high quality education and what would be most useful to me in the future".

  • Paul Schmidt is currently doing a PhD with GPEM after completing his Bachelor of Environmental Management (Sustainable Development) degree in 2009.

    Paul Schmidt - BEnvMan

    "UQ is a great environment to learn and experience a whole range of applications for sustainability principles"

  • Joshua Soderholm researches thunderstorms in South East Queensland.

    Joshua Soderholm

    "I have been able to access state of the art resources, funding for my own research at UQ and most importantly, a wide range of contacts within the weather community"

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