Accident - Anywhere in the world to UQ Staff or Students on UQ Business:
  1. remove from danger
  2. render first aid if required:
  3. call the local emergency services number, or, if on a UQ campus, telephone 3365 3333, public phone 1800 800 123 (not available at Pinjarra)
  4. if hospitalised overnight, call UQ Security on 61 7 3365 1234.
  5. Under Work Health Safety legislation, some events must be reported immediately to the Director Occupational Health and Safety (telephone 3365 2365):
  6. protect the incident site by not disturbing it and do not dispose of any item involved in the incident, if the incident is serious enough to require professional medical treatment
  7. as per UQ Reporting Policy complete an UQ Incident Report online or on paper (for online later) ASAP. The reporting of minor things, like trips and small cuts etc. that occur in everyday life, is not required. What should be reported?
In the event of an Emergency - Call Chubb Assistance on +61 2 8907 5995 reverse charges and advise: 
1. Name 2. Policy Name – The University of Queensland 3. Policy Number – 01PP529201 4. Contact Number 5. Nature of Assistance Required. The website address is:
Work Injury Management Booklet - School OHS Guidelines - Compliance Legislation Register















Important GPEM OHS contacts
Work Health and Safety Coordinator (WHSC)
Alan Victor
Ph: 3365 6528
Rm: 35-421
Alan Victor
First Aid Officer - Chamberlain Bldg.
Alan Victor
Ph: 3365 6528
Rm: 35-421
First Aid Kit in 35-404 - Kitchen
Alan Victor
Health and Safety Representative (HSR)
Steele Building
First Aid Officer - STEELE Bldg
Linda Nothdurft
Ph: 336-51432
Rm: 03-321A
First aid kit in 03-330 (Main GPEM Kitchen) and 03-321 (Analysis Lab)
(Inductions to the GPEM Analysis and Microscope Labs)


Health and Safety Representative (HSR)
Chamberlain Building
Lab and Field Manager
Michael Tobe
Ph: 3365 6513
Rm: 35-420
 Michael Tobe

 Work Off Campus Procedures 

  • Volunteers - Policy PPL 5.30.14a, Procedures 5.30.14b (click tab), Form 5.30.14c (click link)
    • If a person is being paid by their own organisation, they are not a volunteer.
    • If they are using the field trip to gather their own data, independent of your operations, or are just observing, they are not a volunteer.
    • Volunteers are those people who are not enrolled, affiliated or employed at UQ, and provide their own free time to help you do work.
    • Student email for life is not an affiliation. A student helper must be currently enrolled in this or the following semester, or they are classed as a Volunteer.
    • Volunteers cannot commence work unless their form is approved by HoS.  
      • UQ age limits are 15-75 years and volunteers outside this age range must obtain pre-approval from (email FBS Insurance.)
      • Working with children <18 years of age, whose parents are not present, requires a QLD Government Blue Card and maybe others. (See PPL 5.30.14a)
      • The term of appointment of a volunteer can be the life of the project and is entered on the Registration form above.
      • Employee Relations have advised that we are not able to engage unsupervised volunteers. They have suggested that we engage them as casuals and pay them accordingly. It follows that volunteers cannot be leaders of field trips or part thereof.
      • Procedure
        • Complete a Volunteer Registration Form, which includes the Volunteer Policy. MUST BE SIGNED BY THE HEAD OF SCHOOL. 
        • Be fully briefed by the leader, in the hazards, risks and controls relating to the volunteer work.
        • HoS signed volunteer registration form is attached to the leader's UNIFI application as a Companion
      • Personal Accident Insurance for Volunteers

Safety Equipment available in GPEM - GPEM Equipment Inventory is constantly changing and there is no permanent list except for the Safety Equipment. Send your equipment wish list, and exact period required, to GPEM.TECHSTAFF@UQ.EDU.AU and we will let you know what is currently available. 


  1. UQ Fieldwork and Off-Campus OH&S Guideline
  2. Solo work is NOT advisable. Click here to see required extra precautions.
  3. Ethics information and forms HUMAN - ANIMAL
  4. GPEM Fieldtrip Academic and Conduct Guidelines
  • If you are NOT the leader of the trip, you do not have to generate a Work Off-campus Plan or risk assessment (RA).
  • Your leader generates these in consultation with his supervisor, you and all other attendees. Ask to be involved with these planning meetings.
  • You should be given a copy of their work plan, RA and controls for the hazards that may be encountered before you go to the field.
  • You should be inducted, by the leader, in all aspects of the work and emergency procedures as stated on the FWP.
  • If these procedures are inadequate, voice your objections to the leader to get the safety improved, or do not go on the field trip.
  • If travelling overseas, you need to register with SmartTraveller
 UQ Risk Management Database (you need VPN to access this database from off-campus - Videos on how to READ a risk assess, SEARCH, what the SUPERVISOR has to do and much more.

Student Placement web site

Staff Absence Database (GPEM staff access only)


Pinjarra Visit Recorder Click the button to the left just before you go to any part of UQ Pinjarra Hills, and enter your approx. departure time in place of ????. The phone number to contact people at the GPEM Pinjarra workshop is 0409 382 317. There is also a laptop in the workshop with limited internet access via mobile. You may alternatively use the UQ Safezone App
  • Four Wheel Drive Competency Training Guideline
  • UQ Vehicle - Authority to Drive
  • UQ Vehicle - Booking Form
    • You are allowed to book a 4WD from the UQ Vehicle Pool, without a 4WD Certificate, for the purposes of travelling to a place of 4WD training, that is to be conducted by a 4WD Registered Training Authority. You book by calling UQ Fleet on 336-53316 or email (TBC).
    • You must have a drivers licence for MANUAL vehicles.
  • Budget Hire Form as an alternative, but slightly more expensive. Budget drop off at UQ Fleet Yard and pick up from there as well. Enquiries on 3274 1616, form is emailed to
  • GPEM Vehicle Booking Process  Check if GPEM Vehicles or Biological Sciences Vehicles are available. Click 'Login' after you access the Science Faculty Booking site here.
  • UQ Risk Assessment Numbers for driving
    • use of 4WD Off-road in Australia is 11748. This holds the training register for all GPEM Basic 4WD qualified people. The WHSC also holds all training and qualifications in the GPEM People access database.
    • Long Distance Driving 35100


If you have a question about Insurance, not answered below, please contact

UQ Insurance for all activities
UQ Insurance Policy Descriptions
UQ Travel Insurance

(Note: Paid staff from other non-UQ organisations do not apply through UNIFI, nor are they added as Companions. Their insurance is covered by their organisation.

Automatic travel insurance coverage applies once the following requirements are met:
Current UQ member with a UQ staff account :
  1. You must be on UQ authorised travel (as per
  2. Pre-existing medical conditions, not covered in the Cover Summary, must be notified to (email FBS Insurance), and a a reply received, before departure
  3. If required by the (NEW TRAVEL FLOWCHART TO COME), complete a UNIFI Travel application (attaching a pre-existing medical approval email, when necessary)
  4. Attach Companion lists as necessary (Note: Companion lists include names and are a course student list and/or a volunteer list and/or course project list)
Current UQ member with ONLY a UQ Student account AND enrolled in at least one current course AND acting as the trip Leader:
  1. You must be on UQ authorised travel (as per Here is the flowchart which includes the Student Travel spreadsheet.
  2. Pre-existing medical conditions, not covered in the Cover Summary, must be notified to FBS Insurance, and a a reply received, before departure.
  3. If required by the (NEW TRAVEL FLOWCHART TO COME), contact GPEM Finance to book an appointment to complete a UNIFI Travel application (attaching a pre-existing medical approval email, when necessary)
Current UQ member with ONLY a UQ Student account AND NOT enrolled in any courses, OR a non-UQ volunteer:
  1. Be fully briefed by the leader, in the hazards, risks and controls relating to the volunteer work.
  2. Be attached to the leader's UNIFI application as a Companion
Staff and Student

See GPEM Finance for a business card sized Help Card to take with you. You can use the card anywhere in the world.

UQ Travel Insurance FAQ
Private travel insurance through UQ provider
Public Liability Certificate for UQ Activities Note: It is very important that incidents involving students or visitors to the University that could result in a claim are reported to the Insurance Office as soon as possible after the event.
  1. Immediately following an incident that may result in a claim, the following steps should be taken:
  2. Ensure all reasonable steps to protect the person or property from further injury or damage are taken;
  3. Advise the Insurance Office and the Occupational Health and Safety Unit of the incident;
  4. Ensure any correspondence received from third parties is forwarded to the Insurance Office together with a copy of the OH&S Report and any other relevant documentation;
Please note:
  1. No persons should give an interview or make any statement to a loss assessor or solicitor who is not acting on behalf of the University or its insurers;
  2. No correspondence should be entered into with the third party that may indicate liability on behalf of the University.
  3. If necessary, the University's insurers will appoint either a Loss Assessor or Solicitor to investigate the incident, obtain statements and represent the University if a claim is made.
UQ Insurance Claim Forms (inc. Item Loss or Injury) (within 30 days of occurrence)
Insurance Equipment:


Checklist and online training record form

Mandatory Checklists

  1. Computer Workstations- Self-Assessment Checklist (all workers who have a workstation on any campus and when your long term work station changes) and send this to the WHSC for ergonomic recording and assistance
 Specialist Checklists
Departure Checklist - Important to commence this at earlier than one week before departure, especially if you have lab experiments or samples or data to manage


  • OH&S Committee Members:
    • Prof Hamish McGowan (Chair)
    • Dr Kelly Johnstone (OHSS Degree Rep)
    • Alan Victor (WHSC & Secretary)
    • Michael Tobe (Lab, Field and Technical Staff Manager)
    • Clwedd Burns (Fieldwork Officer)
    • Dr Linda Nothdurft (Lab Coordinator)
    • Marshall Butterworth (Faculty Health and Safety Manager)
    • Dr Chris Roelfsema (Marine and Training Advisor)
    • Lara Atzeni (School Manager - ex-officio)
    • (vacant) (HSR - Steele Building)
    • (vacant) (HSR - Chamberlain Building + Student Representative)
    • UQ OHS Div Representatives (from time to time)
    OHS Committee Documents
Who is a worker? = Who needs to do OHS Training.
People without a UQ account click here for the manual modules and assessment (forms are at the bottom.)
Mandatory Training (OHS & HR)

All people

Staff accounts only

  • Equity Module 1 includes Assessment [E01] [Use your UQ Staff account for access] [You will have to select UQ and register if you are accessing the module for the first time.]
  • OHS for Supervisors and Managers [OM0008] at Staff Development (all Academic, Professional and Research Staff who supervise others)
Discretionary Training as set by your Supervisor on your UQ Worker Training Needs Analysis Checklist. The list is below:
All Science Faculty Students
  • Academic Integrity Tutorial: Use your UQ student account user name and password to sign in. You must sign in with a student user name because all students must complete the module. UQ staff user names (even if used by a student who is also a member of staff) are not tracked for the purposes of completing the module.
  • All Faculty of Science Undergraduate Students are to complete the SBLi OH&S MODULE (Academic OHS Module) in their final year and placement students before going on placement.
RHD Students
The Research and Academic Integrity module is required by the Graduate School for RHD students - RHD students have to do both) - The module will be loaded to your Blackboard site which you can access using your student log in (not your staff log in). The majority of GPEM students should choose either of these modules:
  • Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Biomedical Science
  • for those whose research is in the Planning discipline, the Engineering and Technology module would be the most appropriate.
Training Records are possibly held in two places - Aurion (if you have a staff account) and eLearning (for both staff and students)

Aurion - click Training - expand enrolments and training history to find your recorded course completions. Send a screen capture to WHSC.

Direct access to eLearning - under Training Course click UQ Workplace Inductions and OHS Training - click My Training Report. Send a screen capture to WHSC.

Direct Access to Staff Development Training Calendar

WHSC ONLY - Training Registers


Your Training Needs Analysis Checklist must have this training circled and approved by your supervisor for the School to sponsor the following training.

From 01 Jan 2015, under Australian Government Legislation, every person who is enrolled with a registered training organisation (RTO), must have a UNIQUE STUDENT IDENTIFIER (USI) before any statements of attainment or certificate can be issued by the RTO. To obtain your USI, visit There is no fee for registering.

First Aid Training: Compulsory for all field work. (Handy tool - not a substitute for training = St First Aid App)

The First Aid Course must include the following competencies as a minimum and be listed on your certificate.

HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
HLTAID002 Provide basic emergency life support
HLTAID003 Provide first aid

Process for obtaining your First Aid Certificate through GPEM:

  1. Find a suitable date for your training from the providers below and confirm the three competencies
  2. click WHSC to email the WHSC and include the preferred provider, date and cost
  3. the WHSC will authorise GPEM Finance to pay
  4. you visit the finance office (35-418) and sit down with them to pay, online, by GPEM credit card.

Specific First Aid Training

4WD Training - Compulsory for 4WD users

The UQ Fleet Pool has a Nissan Navarra TWIN-CAB UTE manual 4WD which can be hired for training. The GPEM 4WD cannot be used for training. See the Vehicle section above for Authority to Drive and Booking Forms. Request 4WD Training through the GPEM WHSC.

Minimum number of trainees is normally two with their own vehicle. National Competency Training Providers (Registered Training Organisations [RTO])

Vehicles available to book for training:
TEDI OHS Courses


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